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EK 96-00 Civic Passenger Vent / Delete

EK 96-00 Civic Passenger Vent / Delete

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Replaces the factory PASSENGER vent



 For 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000 Honda Civic


Made from ABS Plastic


Clips in like the original vent

(Tabs on top with spring clips on bottom)


Block off and Vented options available in 3 finishes


Curved shape matches the dash




1- Remove original vent by prying up on the 2 lower corners to release the clips (one clip can be released by reaching up through the glove box as well)

2- Insert replacement vent, pushing in the top side first, followed by the lower clips



* Honeycomb design and mounting inspired by RostaP Honeycomb Storage Wall (HSW) on Printables - Print your own or buy HSW mounts off our store! *

* Screw type mounts may need other hardware to fit this vent, clips will work as is *

** The passenger side is THINNER than the drivers side (this allows it to flex and match the shape of the dash), which may cause it to split if using HSW mounts ** Do so at your own risk ** 



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